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Расширение географии присутствия компании в Уральском федеральном округе

Предвосхищая начало осуществления таможенных операций Уральской электронной таможней, наша компания открывает офис в Екатеринбурге.

Яблоко раздора: Россельхознадзор запретил ввоз белорусских фруктов

«Белорусские яблоки» вновь вне закона. Россельхознадзор вновь решил прекратить поставку белорусских яблок с 14 февраля, посчитав, что под их видом в Россию поставляются яблоки из стран, попавших под российское продовольственное эмбарго

Белоруссия рассчитывает на поставки Су-30СМ из России в 2019 году

Белоруссия рассчитывает на начало поставок в страну российских истребителей Су-30СМ в 2019 году. Об этом сообщил министр обороны Белоруссии Андрей Равков

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In Rosgranitsa came from "Kalashnikov"

The fact that at the end of last week, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree appointing Mr. Busygina Rosgranitsa head, "b" said a senior source in the government. According to him, a representation sent to the government, Dmitry Rogozin. According to sources, "b", the document will be published in the near future.

Recently Rosgranitsa could be called troubled agency. Recall that last week the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Investigation announced the federal wanted list of former leader Dmitry Rosgranitsa Bezdelova. According to investigators, he and his accomplices suspected of embezzling nearly 1 billion rubles. of the target program "Development of the state border of the Russian Federation for 2003-2011", totaling about 150 billion rubles. In 2009, this money has been allocated from the budget for the construction of the border crossing on the border with Abkhazia, but ended up on bank accounts "Agrosoyuz", the biggest beneficiary is the father of Mr. Alexander Bezdelova. Initial inquiry was based on the results of the Audit Commission, who worked in 2013 on behalf of Mr. Rogozin: that she opened the output circuit means, what was reported to the prime minister.

October 21 of the same year Dmitry Bezdelov after meeting with Deputy Prime Minister was dismissed. And the next day spent in the FSB department first arrest.

Claims Rosgranitsa activities to law enforcement agencies have been before. For example, in 2012, was expected to surrender points "Edge" and "Kraskino", but the timing of completion were transferred, resulting in damage to the amount of 38.5 million rubles. In early 2013 GU MVD Far Eastern Federal District reported that a criminal case for fraud in the construction of road checkpoint in Primorye. Rosgranitsa battered and from participation in departments: in May 2013 the director of the Federal Service for Drug Control Viktor Ivanov said that the technical equipment of the Russian-Kazakh border "below the waterline." Rectify the situation he proposed to allocate $ 250 million for its technical adaptation.

Now solve these problems have BUSYGIN Constantine. Back in February, he employs embassy in the Volga Federal District as assistant to Mikhail Babich. And in the government about the same time tended to head of the agency appointment of Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service Sergei Komlichenko. Dmitry Rogozin, as reported by "Kommersant" on January 29, even met with him and offered to change my job. However, according to the source "b" in the White House, the candidacy of Mr. Komlichenko elicited objections from a number of government officials - the appointment fell through. In addition, the possibility of promotion to the head of the acting head of Rosgranitsa Yuri Maltsev. But it was decided to appoint an official who had no ties with previous guidance.

Search for a new head tightened. "All the options that existed regarding Rosgranitsa leader, Dmitry Rogozin was recommended by, he also hoped to appoint a person who could personally trust - says the source" b "in the government. - Gagarin was exactly so, they have a good relationship when you first create the group "Kalashnikov", to which Deputy Prime Minister refers to thrill. " A familiar Busygina master who worked with him in Izhevsk, argue that as CEO "Kalashnikov" he fulfilled almost all the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister. "In private conversations, Dmitry Rogozin, noted his ability to work and called honest guy" - said the source "b".

According to "Kommersant" in the coming days will begin to accept Mr. Bulgakov case. Among the challenges facing the new head Rosgranitsa, appears prompting financial order in the agency, taking into account the updated federal target program for 2012-2020, the budget for which is provided at the level of 134 billion rubles.